Friday, October 23, 2015

The Bus Project Part II

Well we did! We sold our "second" car and are now a one car family. Since taking the leap here are some things that have happened:

- Our insurance went down $460 a year

-No more paying for license renewal fees

-Parking the mini van in the center of our garage- plenty of room on both sides now for the car seat carrier to fit!

- Money we made and put in savings from selling the car

Just a few positives, but I think the biggest one is how much having just one car fits our family right now. Since Nate started taking the bus, the kids and I usually walk him to the bus stop each morning and back again in the evening. This is a total of 2 miles a day for me (there and back in morning-there and back in afternoon). That's exercise that I don't even have to try to fit it!

When Nate drove to work, he would park the car and then come right into the chaos of the dinner scramble. Now, we have time to debrief from our day while the children are strapped into the stroller! It's been so great to have that 10-15 minutes in the morning and evening to go over our day and connect before things get crazy.

I'm glad we took the plunge-so far we haven't had any negatives to having just one car!!