Wednesday, June 18, 2014

10 Things I now know

Since our 5th wedding anniversary is tomorrow, I thought I would do a post about a few things that I now know about Nathan that I didn't 5 years ago. Here it goes (and in no particular order):

1. I married the Muffin Man. He loves muffins. When we got married he brought with him his regular 12 count muffin pan and also his 6 count jumbo muffin pan. Since then we have gotten a mini muffin pan as well. He could eat muffins all day, every day. I married the muffin man.

2. He loves packets. It's interesting being married because you start to understand how the other person learns things. Not only are we married, but we also do ministry together. And something I learned early on is- he loves making packets for any sort of event. I'm guessing its because it helps him understand and learn better? Whatever the reason, he loves packets. And since we have been married we have gone through 3 printers in an effort to find the perfect copy for the perfect packet.

3. He's driven. When we got married neither one of us had jobs because we had just left FOCUS. I knew he would provide, but I didn't know how or how much. I watched this man deliver phone books, dog sit, and wait tables all in an effort to provide. Once he landed his actual 9-5 job, it didn't stop there. Within 2 years of working he was already looking into going back to school for his Masters Degree. Right now he is set to graduate with his Masters in another year. He is driven and he's constantly looking toward the best way to provide for our family.

4. He's an introvert, no really more like a Hobbit. In the movie, The Hobbit, Bilbo mentions how much he misses his books, arm chair, and garden. All three are quite possibly my husband's 3 favorite things. He would much prefer to stay at home with his books, arm chair, and garden than go anywhere. We have learned to adjust and I've found its actually a good balance to my crazy social personality. And the plus side-our garden is great! I would never have put as much time and energy into it as he has!

5. He's strong. After our son died, Nathan held everything together. He paid the bills, tended to the house and yard, worked full time, did the shopping, cooked the meals. He did it all when I couldn't do any of it. Not only was he strong, but he never hung it over my head or expected me to "get with it." He just kept being the strong one and taking care of everything. I will forever be indebted to him for the care he gave me during that hard time.

6. He's a visionary. I knew this a little before we got married, but have come to see it fully now after 5 years. He is a dreamer and is always thinking things up. The area that I can help with is actually making those dreams happen. Yup, we make a good team!

7. If he's angry or upset, let him be. See, when I'm angry or upset, I need to talk about it, usually to at least 3 people. But I've learned how different my husband is. Often when he is upset or in a bad mood, I've learned not to even ask why, just plan something on my own in order for him to have alone time. Usually anywhere from 24-48 hours later is when he will finally come tell me whats been bothering him. It took me a long time to get used to this, but I'd like to think I have it down by now. Give him time, and eventually he'll talk.

8. He's a crazy sleeper when it comes to dreams. Did you know that the "normal" person's body is temporarily paralyzed during nightmares so that you DO NOT act them out? My husband's body does not paralyze him and therefore he often acts out or plays into his nightmares. Typically they are always about him trying to save me from some terrible thing- live wires, snakes, fires, spiders, you get the idea. He even carried me once when I was 6 months pregnant out to our front porch because he thought I was "on fire" and was trying to rescue me. I've learned a few things from this: 1-I can't take him seriously when he wakes me up in the middle of the night. 2-If you keep asking him questions (what kind of snakes, how many, are they biting?) he will usually snap out of it within a minute. 3-We can never co sleep with any of our future children=not safe! 

9.  His idea of "vacation" and mine are completely different! We learned this on our honeymoon when I was up and ready by 8 a.m. and he was no where near ready to move. His idea of the best vacation is one in which you do nothing but lay around and read books. I had always grown up thinking vacations were about doing and seeing the local things! We have a good compromise now, but its taken a while!

10. And last but not least, he's a great dad. Alright, maybe I guessed that or hoped for that before we married, but getting to see it lived out is awesome. He's the best!