Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Answer Me This

1. Do you have a land line?
No, but we have talked about getting one. I think when Abigail gets old enough to be able to call 911 should something happen, it would be a good idea. Also, I can never find my cell phone so getting a land line would be nice as a safety back up when the cell phones are lost!

2. What is your least favorite food?
Chicken Salad...

Or Potato salad, both make me run the other way! I think its because I don't like mayonnaise, which both dishes contain. I can't even fake like I like these, I always just deny them, which is rude, but I can't do it!

3. What's on your summer reading list?

The Giver. I had no idea there were like 5 books in this series. I've finished the first two and am waiting for the third to open up form the library. More and more Im getting my books from the library but on my Kindle. I love being able to "borrow" books for free form the library and read them on my kindle!

4. Is there something that people consistently ask for your advice on? What is it?

Pregnancy Loss. And its because after losing our first son to stillbirth I sort of set myself up for it because of how open I was with our story. Im happy to do it and feel called by God to this ministry, but sometimes its hard to be the first one someone calls to tell about the sad story.

5. What's the most physically demanding thing you've ever done?

Raft and Hike out of the Grand Canyon.

I was 22 at the time and it was a 4 day rafting trip down the Colorado River through the Canyon. Each day we would wake up at dawn, raft all day through rapids, then set up camp for the night. I'm NOT an outdoors person, so the whole trip I was out of my element. The final morning we all got dropped off at the BOTTOM of the canyon and had to hike 10 miles to the top (I think it was 10, not sure, felt like a 100). It took close to 8 hours and by the end I was in tears because I was so exhausted. I ended up falling down the huge flight of stairs at the visitor center, which made me more emotional. The only thing that would console me (remember I was 22, not 2) was my mom telling me to get in the car so we could go to McDonalds. We all ordered the double quarter pounder meals and they have never tasted so good. I have not been back since and don't plan to.

6. How do you feel about massages?

Used to think they were weird, until I had my first one! Then I fell in love with them. I've only ever had two professional ones, but they are the best! I just wish you could take a nap afterwards when you are all relaxed and under the warm covers!

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