Friday, May 30, 2014

7 Quick Takes!

7 QT about how we went to Nebraska and then came right back!

— 1 —
We planned on spending Memorial Day weekend in Lincoln, Nebraska attending the ordination of Nathan's college friend, Eric. Sounds fun, right?
View out our  window driving through great weather!
— 2 —
Once we got to Nebraska Friday night we were all worn out from traveling 8 hours with a toddler ("I have to go potty again, and again, and again"). We decided to unwind and hit up the downtown area at a local pizza place that had great reviews.
Abigail drinking her first ever "Shirley Temple" drink
— 3 —

The pizza joint was alight, but not really kid friendly. And all the people working there were college aged and in no hurry to feed us. 
Waiting for our food while on the table?Sure

— 4 —
Pizza finally comes and is tasty. might have been a little too "sticky?" because it pulled my crown away from my tooth. Ouch. And weird to feel a super hard thing in your mouth when you are sure you are eating cheese pizza that should contain no hard things. I was able to salvage the crown and put it safely in Nathan's pocket as we quickly left the restaurant.

— 5 —
Back at the hotel, Im in lots of pain from tooth and no one really is sure what to do. We figure going to bed is the best option, at 7 PM. Surprise, we wake up to a crazy hotel alarm going off at Midnight. Turn alarm off and try to go back to sleep without waking toddler. 5:30 AM comes and Abigail is up and ready to "swim in the pool," which does not open until 9AM. So this was what we did instead.

Tooth still hurting, long day of ordinations ahead of us. We decided not to take any chances with tooth (since our insurance does not cover out of network) and cut our trip short by 2 days and head BACK home later that day.Family Fun weekend, not so fun.

Last but not least, did I mention we have spent close to $1200 out of pocket in dental work on my mouth over the last 2 months trying to correct things that went downhill during my pregnancies? So losing the crown was like a low blow, BUT they were able to fix the tooth first thing Tuesday morning. In the meantime, we headed to the ordination and then drove 8 hours back home Saturday By Sunday I was tired and confused but glad to be home? At least we got some pictures!

Father Eric giving us a blessing 

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  1. I just stumbled across your blog! And I'm reading old posts, but let me tell you, I hear you on the teeth drama. I have spent tons of money on my teeth as well! It's hard for people to understand that I have three pregnancies worth of craziness-since I only have one living baby. But hope all is well!