Friday, May 16, 2014

My first ever 7 Quick Takes!

Joining Jen at Conversion Diary for my first ever 7QT! And as much as I promised this new blog of mine would not be about baby loss, this is just too good not to share!So here goes!

Return to Zero

I can't stop thinking about this movie, which airs this Saturday (May 17th) on lifetime (check your local listings for a time).

Ever since I saw the trailer it has not left my mind. My first reaction to the trailer was that someone had made a lifetime movie out of our lives, and that felt weird but good. The scene that really got me was her being wheeled into the hospital and the awkwardness of still being huge and pregnant but with a dead baby, I instantly remembered what that felt like.

The movie is an independent film and even though many groups saw it, no one would take it on because they said it was "too sad" and no one would watch it. Lifetime ended up taking it on and I'm so glad they did. This movie is breaking the silence of stillbirth.

And breaking the silence of the hell that families go through after the birth. This is one couples journey to keep it all together in their marriage after the loss of their son.(And random fact-26,000 babies die every year of stillbirth! That's a lot of families impacted by this!)

I'm watching it with my pregnancy loss support group. Ive gotten so close to these women over the past 3 years. We will have lots of Kleenex and comfort foods!

Please watch, please share, please help break the silence that surrounds pregnancy loss.

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