Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Return to Zero

Excited for this movie to come to lifetime this Saturday, May 17th. I'll be gathering with all my baby loss friends and lots of kleenex to watch the premier. I'd love it if you could watch it and spread the word. This movie is breaking the silence on pregnancy loss.

The story is based on the true story of the writer who lost his first child to stillbirth. I love his line "Im trying to be honest to the emotional truth of what the experience is like." Thank you! Enjoy the short clip about the making of the movie and visit their website for more information...oh and watch the movie Saturday!

Return to Zero

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  1. I just watched the movie and went through an entire box of kleenex. I thought it was very good. I'm glad that I got a glimpse into what it is like when this tragedy occurs. My heart just aches for everyone who has gone through this. I'm glad they even had them mention miscarriage in the movie in the conversation between Minnie Driver's character and her mother. There is no doubt that miscarriage and stillbirth are completely different experiences, but they both still result in loss of a baby, the loss of what could have been. RyAnne, did any one ever tell you that the loss of Caleb was part of "God's perfect plan" like the woman at the baby shower in the movie told Minnie Driver? Did anyone try to comfort you that way? If so, what was your reaction? I'm just curious, because if it were me I probably would've reacted very similar to how Minnie Driver reacted. I'm anxious to hear your review of the movie. God Bless!