Friday, January 9, 2015

My sanity comes from chicken and diet coke

This place

Has kept my sanity this week. A lot of our normal activites have gotten canceled because of the cold/snow. Normally I would be fine to stay inside but with only a week to go until delivery Im feeling anxious and needing some distractions. Nathan has been trying to go to each appointment this week which means he goes in early(by 6) and hasn't been home to after 5. LONG DAYS people with a toddler and a nervous pregnant mom. So Chick Fil A has come to the rescue. Every day in January our local store is giving away a FREE breakfast item! Abigail and I have hit them up twice this week and its been so enjoyable. We get free breakfast and she gets to run her energy out at the play place. Thanks Chick Fil A Peoria for keeping me sane this week!

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