Saturday, January 3, 2015

Peace of Mind

Feeling the peace of God after leaving my doctor appointment yesterday. Have I mentioned before how much I LOVE the medical profession? I do not trust my body or my intuition so I rely on my medical team to lead me, especially during pregnancy. Our baby is breech and it seems like he's not going to turn any time soon. I have not tried anything to get him to flip (please don't leave a comment about spinning babies!) because I don't want to mess with him or my body. I've walked with women who have tried flipping baby and then stillbirth has occurred afterward. To me trying to flip equals death. If baby wants to stay breech then baby can stay breech!

After spending the week discussing options, praying about it, and talking about it over and over again (my husband is a saint!) we have set a date for a scheduled c-section-January 16th! People that is less than two weeks from today! Feeling so much relief and peace about this decision. I know c-section is major surgery and there will be a harder recovery, but with all the stress and anxiety of late pregnancy and labor, having this part nailed down feels like winning the lottery. 

If baby turns on his own before then, then we will go ahead with induction and hope for a vaginal delivery. I trust my doctors and their opinions and recommendations. Now all that's left is to get the approval of the high risk Dr. this coming Wednesday and to wait. I know it might seems strange to some people to be excited about this new decision but like Nate and I talked-nothing about our situation is ideal. I wish I could trust my body to do what it's supposed to. I wish I didn't have a stillbirth in my history. Every decision seems like the wrong decision and we are just trying to make the best wrong decision. 

I was fretting over to do the c-section at 37 or 38 weeks and finally came to the conclusion to go in the middle at 37 weeks 5 days! I'll get steroid shots ahead of time to help Judah's lungs. This option seems like the one with the lowest risks and so we are going for it. 

13 days baby boy! Until then here are some nursery pictures. We decided to use all of Caleb's old crib bedding. We picked a new theme-lions (the Lion of Judah!) and switched the furniture around. I love how it all turned out. I especially love how little fear there was this time around getting the nursery together. Both Nate and I commented that when we put the nursery together for Abigail we were still so scared. This time we had a lot more hope and excitement. We are also using all of Caleb's old clothes which I thought would be the same seasons but actually are a little off (like none of the newborn clothes are long sleeve, all short sleeve since he was due end of April!) So we shopped for a few new things which felt nice. Oh and did I mention the kid has 52 pairs of socks? How do you get that many socks? But they are some of the cutest boy baby socks I've ever seen! So excited to dress this kid. 

Thanks for the prayers, 13 more days!!

Picked up this hanging night light that has lions on it! Going to be perfect for late night nursing sessions.

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  1. The nursery looks great. Praying for a successful delivery, a healthy baby and a smooth recovery!