Friday, March 6, 2015

7 Quick Takes-The Birthday Edition

Last week we celebrated Abigail turning 3. Because we had just had a baby I knew that this year there would be no party so instead I said yes to a  bunch of small things. In the end I think I might have said yes to too many small things but it turned out to be a fun week.

On her actually birthday she awoke to balloons, cake, McDonalds and a few small presents on the front porch. All compliments of my parents. So cake for breakfast it was!

Then it was time for lunch with mommy only while a friend came to watch little brother.Her pick-Chick Fil-A! It was so nice to get away with just her and give her some one on one time. She wore her new rain boots and tutu!

Friday (the day after her actual birthday) found us at Jumping Jax (a bounce house) with her play group. One of the other girls in the group has a birthday just a week after Abigail. So we combine celebrations and the girls love it-and its super easy/fun for us!

Saturday morning I took her to the grocery store and this is how we shopped. She was a little tired from the excitement...

No rest for the weary though. Saturday afternoon my mom took Abigail swimming indoors at her gym. Then Abigail got to sleep over at her house. So we were left with just this guy for the night:)

Sunday we scheduled bowling. She had been asking to go bowling for a while so we made arrangements to have Judah watched while the three of us hit the lanes. She loved it and we all had more fun than I expected. And I won, just saying!

Happy 3rd Birthday Abigail Therese! We love you!

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  1. So much sweetness! Happy birthday to your daughter! Looks like a perfectly fun birthday for a 3 year old! Great job, mama! And prayers for these early months of new baby :)