Friday, March 13, 2015

Meals Galore

I feel like I need to say thank you over and over again to everyone who brought us a meal. Since Judah was born we have received 23 meals! 23 meals! That is incredible! We also received countless treats from others. I had no idea before having Judah how helpful meals were. When we lost Caleb people brought us meals which was so nice, but often it was awkward and sad and no one knew what to say. Then when Abigail was born we declined a lot of meals because we felt like people had already done so much for us that year. Now with Judah the meals came rolling in and it was so wonderful. Not only did they help feed us but they also helped keep our weekly budget way low leaving room for other things like diapers and baby things, not to mention all the medical bills.  

We still have a solid 5 meals in our freezer too! And so thank you to anyone who brought us a meal or who has ever brought someone a meal. I will forever be first to sign up from now on to bring meals. Last but not least, here were some the meals in case you need ideas next time you bring someone a meal:

-Rotisserie Chicken with sides (mac n cheese, corn bread, potato salad)

-Stuffed shells-not sure all that was in it, but it was great with a side of garlic bread

-Ribs! They were delicious and came with a side of green bean casserole and sweet potatoes

-pizza-always a win

-Chicken Pot Pie-yum

-Beef stew

-anything Italian was great

-cake, cookies, snacks, wine, ice cream, all the extras that go along way! 

Thank you everyone!

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